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아마리 오션 파타야

240 Pattaya Beach Road, Pattaya, 20150
Tel. +66 (0) 3841 8418   Fax. +66 (0) 3841 8410
Executive Club Suite Ocean View at Amari Ocean Pattaya
Executive Club Suite Ocean View
최고치의 달하는 파타야 경험

대략 사이즈 - 119스퀘어 미터

Occupying the top floor of our Ocean Tower, the stylishly decorated suite offers spectacular oceanfront views. With sliding wall partitions, the entire suite is open plan, yet flexible to your needs. A walk-in bathroom and lofty living area houses a spacious dining, kitchenette and work area making our suite perfect for your discovery of Pattaya.

Relax comfortably in your suite, or head over to the Horizon Club to unwind with your favourite cocktail. As a Horizon Club guest, you will enjoy a variety of exclusive benefits including seamless private check-in/check-out and use of our Executive Boardroom.

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