Adding Colour to Your Event

볼 룸과 기능 룸

Small meetings. Boardroom discussions. Company retreats. Full-day conferences. Annual dinner & dances. We handle them all and have the spaces to make sure they that the event you host is how you envisioned.

The Voyager Lounge and Terrace, and the Coral Roof Terrace offer spectacular outdoor venues for an unforgettable event with a stunning natural backdrop. We’ve also got boardrooms and meeting rooms of various sizes to meet your event needs. In whichever room you choose to hold your event, the hi-tech audio-visual equipment will have it sounding and looking the part.

Spacious Setting

Voyager Lounge

크기: 120 m² | 최대 수용 인원: 150

  • U자 형태45
  • 교실81
  • 무대144
  • Buffet150
  • 리셉션110
Spacious Setting

Voyager Lounge Terrace

크기: 100 m² | 최대 수용 인원: 90

  • 연회실60
  • 리셉션90
Spacious Setting

Idea Room

크기: 80 m² | 최대 수용 인원: 108

  • U자 형태36
  • 교실48
  • 무대108
  • 연회실60
  • 리셉션90
Spacious Setting

Coral Room

크기: 75 m² | 최대 수용 인원: 108

  • U자 형태36
  • 교실48
  • 무대108
  • 연회실60
  • 리셉션90
Spacious Setting

Coral Roof Terrace

크기: 75 m² | 최대 수용 인원: 90

  • 연회실60
  • 리셉션90
Event Space

Boardroom 1

크기: 41 m² | 최대 수용 인원: 54

  • U자 형태18
  • 교실24
  • 무대54
  • 연회실30
  • 리셉션50
Event Space

Boardroom 2

크기: 34 m² | 최대 수용 인원: 12

  • 회의실12
Event Space

Boardroom 3

크기: 61.5 m² | 최대 수용 인원: 77

  • U자 형태21
  • 교실36
  • 무대77
  • 연회실40
  • 리셉션70
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